Two Thousand and SEVENTEENAn Eyeful of Awesome

Trying to summarise 2017 in images was such a challenge. There are still far more images in here than most of you will have time to look through in one sitting, but, that’s ok. If you want to spend time looking through them all, great. If you get through 10, also great. This post is like a gentle acoustic guitar song that can begin and end wherever it likes. This is my ‘best wedding moments of 2017’  in no particular order. Jumping from one day in March to another in November. Crossing the globe a couple of times, and revisiting New Zealand at least thrice. These are the moments that spoke to me at time of selection, not necessarily the BEST, just what brought back a happy memory and feeling. If you’d like to see some of these weddings in more detail, head to my galleries page.

Take your time and enjoy.



  • Steve said:

    Nice style and concepts well done from the other side of the globe!

    • Thank you very much for your kind words Steve! May I ask how you stumbled across this page?

  • Rolan said:

    Epic photos Madeline!! So many rad moments! The really simple black and white landscape shot with the couple in the distance is AMAZING!

    • Thanks legend! That is so nice of you to say :) Hope you're doing well.