Two Thousand and SEVENTEENAn Eyeful of Awesome

Best Wedding photos
Trying to summarise 2017 in images was such a challenge. There are still far more images in here than most of you will have time to look through in one sitting, but, that's ok. If you want to spend time looking through them all, great. If you get through 10, also great. This post is like a gentle acoustic guitar song that can begin and end wherever it likes. This is m... READ MORE +

Ellie + KobiAbbotsford Convent, Melbourne

When all the stars align, which happens quite often to be honest, you get the chance to shoot a really FUN wedding with really fun people. Ellie and Kobi's Jewish wedding at the Abbotsford Convent was no exception. Bringing two gorgeous families together, Ellie, Kobi and their gorgeous bridal party threw a celebration to remember. For me, this was the first big Jewish... READ MORE +

Jen + WillCamp Wandawega, Wisconsin

Wes Anderson Inspired
Camp Wandawega (also known as amazing haven of all things cool) is hidden away on the outskirts of a quiet town named Elkhorn in the middle of Wisconsin. If you didn't know it was there, you certainly wouldn't stumble upon it. It has an immense history dating back to 1925 where it was a speakeasy and from there, it's seen a few lifetimes. It's fascinating to read abou... READ MORE +

Gemma + BrettMudbrick Vineyard, New Zealand

candid wedding photography
Quite often I go back to New Zealand to photograph weddings. It's an absolute blessing to be able to do this. Better yet, sometimes I get to shoot a wedding of an old high school friend. This was the case with Brett. My memories of Brett from high school were of him being the mischief maker, the class clown or the one who was always creating some kind of hilarious ... READ MORE +

Anna + TimGather & Tailor Wedding, Melbourne

Suzanne Harward wedding dress
When I sent Anna + Tim the slideshow from their stunning Gather & Tailor wedding, I got this beautiful (and blubbery) email in response saying just how much they loved it. There were lots of happy tears and replays. Basically, the best kind of response you can get after sending a couple their images. Here's what followed.. Anna: 'Did I tell you the story of 500... READ MORE +

Sasha + EdMan O' War Vineyards, Waiheke Island

Nowadays event planning
I'd heard about Man O'War Vineyards a few years ago when my friends had visited and wouldn't stop raving about how beautiful it was, so, when Sasha and Ed contacted me to photograph their wedding at that exact place, I was pretty excited. Waiheke Island is a slice of New Zealand heaven, not far from Auckland. In fact, you've probably heard of it already as the little ... READ MORE +

Chloe + BrinLauren's Hall, Melbourne

Loose Leaf Florist
Chloe and Brin are the kind of people who immediately make you feel like you've known each other for years.. and you've literally just met. When we got together to discuss their wedding, the enthusiasm and excited energy bounced off the cafe walls and even their gorgeous daughter Tavi seemed pretty thrilled. So when their wedding day rolled around one year later (held... READ MORE +

Liane + MarkThe Estate Trentham, Victoria

Trentham Falls wedding
Liane and Mark were married at one of my favourite venues in Victoria, The Estate Trentham. Decorated by the talented Lynda Gardener, every aspect of this place has gorgeous written all over it. Naturally, this was the ideal setting for Liane to marry her Mark. With the sun shining and the day roaring into action, the team of talented vendors finished up the final ... READ MORE +

Two Thousand and SIXTEENImages from an incredible year

Between January 1st and December 31st, I was able to witness some pretty top notch days. It's incredibly humbling to see the things I see in the places I get to go for work. Some would say it's a dream job. I would have to agree. Here's a collection of images I took as you all danced your way to the altar with smiles spread far and wide. Thank you for letting me be a ... READ MORE +

The Fine Art AlbumCustom designed album perfection

New style wedding album
Your wedding album is exactly like a story book, letting the day unravel in front of you just how it happened, as if you were right there re-living it. Each album is individually designed using a selection of images that best tell your story. After I send you the initial spreads, you can review and alter each layout adding or subtracting images and making comments ... READ MORE +