Alice + TimAghadoe Estate, Victoria

wedding at Aghadoe Estate
Alice and Tim had found the perfect venue to host their gorgeous homestead wedding. Aghadoe Estate offered all the countryside feels along with gorgeous French-inspired architecture and a stunning barn area to decorate as they pleased. With their goal of having a foot-loose and fancy-free day, they kept the schedule fairly open to allow ample time to chill in the gard... READ MORE +

New MexicoUSA Road Trip 2015

Minimalistic photography
The colours blended into each other. From one surface to the next, they aligned perfectly. Textures glistening, shadows giving highlights sweet, sweet compliments... allowing them to radiate and sing their own songs. Light bounced around me, and it created a beautiful noise, yet at the same time, managed to be completely silent. I was alone and so aware of this. My ow... READ MORE +

2 0 1 5The year that blew my mind

My 2015 is dedicated to the word 'grateful'. Below you will see why. I'm living a dream of walking the earth, capturing moments for people on their wedding day. I get to experience the most insanely emotional times, and meet so many inspiring people as I brush into their lives for a day or two. On top of this, I have friends and family who love me and support what I d... READ MORE +