Jasmine + RohanSnowy Mountains, Australia

Getting up before sunrise isn't a conventional start to a wedding day, but when things go a little different to the norm, I'm excited. Jasmine and Rohan wanted a morning ceremony followed by brunch, and they did just that. In front of a very flooded river on her parents property (due to an abundance of rain), they were married.Following this, was an epic road trip... READ MORE +

Gabbie + RossLakeside Wedding, Wisconsin

Amazing wedding photos
In case you were wondering, yes, this is the same Gabbie + Ross from a previous wedding I've shared with you. When the two decided to marry, they did so with major celebration in mind. Not only having a traditional Kerala ceremony in honour of Gabbie's heritage, but holding a second lakeside wedding the following day. If organising one isn't enough, try two, with not ... READ MORE +