I’m lucky to work with some of the coolest couples from around the world.
They wrote some pretty nice things about me…



Queenstown, New Zealand

Dearest Maddie,

Thank you for your professionalism, warmth, outstanding communication and second-to-none photography skills. You were so supportive and helpful in the lead up to the wedding. Your gentle advice and suggestions helped us shape the day into the most magical moment of our lives. Mum and Dad adored you. They’re a tough crowd to please so this is a massive compliment! They ask about you often, as if you were a fellow wedding guest and close friend. The photos themselves are breathtaking. We’d considered getting a videographer as we were concerned that photos alone wouldn’t capture the heart and soul of the day, but we were so wrong. When I look at the photos of dad seeing me for the first time in my dress, our best man entertaining guests with the most hilarious speech, and our first dance as husband and wife, I get butterflies, laughter and tears. You were perfect, we couldn’t have asked for more.




Red Hill, Victoria

Madeline; I am so deeply impressed and grateful. Your work is simply superb. I am a filmmaker myself and I’ve seen a lot of photos taken in the course of film productions. There are always shots taken as publicity as well as behind the scenes photos. A lot of people I know are either DOPs or confident photographers/filmmakers and I  see a lot of images and digital image work.
I have to say that I am so massively impressed by not only the technical quality of your work but the clear vision, intuition and heart that you bring to your photos. While I was barely aware of you most of the time you must have been moving like speedy Gonzalez to get such comprehensive coverage. Even at the terrific speed you were working at you have produced the most magical and five star images. Your eye and gut feeling for mood and tone is sublime and I actually could not believe my eyes as shot after shot maintained the same beauty and level of quality.
Kelly and I are quite at a loss as to how we will cut these photos down into a final album…
From the bottom of my heart Maddie I have to thank you again for what you’ve given us. You have enshrined our memories and our most magical day and now, in decades to come, we will be able to relive it in the stunning detail. This is all thanks to you. My only regret is that we had not booked you for the entire day and night! Thank you again for the truly kind offer to stay longer and capture moments at the reception venue. You are honestly such a gifted photographer and an absolute pleasure to work with. If I ever have the opportunity to recommend a wedding photographer then I will force you down the poor fellow’s throat.
Thank you so much again. We wish you amazing, continued success and happiness in everything you do.




Melbourne, Australia

Maddie, thank you so very much for the incredible privilege of having you as our wedding photographer. When we initially met with you we were so struck with your casual yet professional nature that it felt as though we were catching up with an old friend as apposed to running a job interview! You made us both feel completely at ease and that extended throughout the entire process. What an absolute pleasure it was to have you there with us on our wedding day both at our homes and at the venue, irrespective of the photography it wouldn’t have been the same day without you and a great deal of the unequivocal success was due entirely to your advise, experience and guidance. The photos themselves are way above and beyond any expectation that we had and we are completely blown away with your skill in not only capturing the day perfectly through the storytelling nature of the photo’s, but for capturing the subtle moments that are often missed in such a poignant and exquisite way. We could not be happier if we tried and I will be pushing to renew our vows every year so as to have an excuse to spend another day being photographed by you!




Starksboro, Vermont

It is hard to express how fortunate we feel to have found someone as talented and wonderful as Maddie to photograph our wedding this past summer. She showed up in the middle of rural Vermont, was greeted at the airport by my parents, and shortly thereafter I received word from them that they LOVED HER. Although we had never formally met until that weekend, I felt immediately upon welcoming her like she was an old friend. Her energy, warmth, can-do attitude and incredible knowledge of wedding photography put my husband and I, and our entire family at ease. 

That entire weekend she worked hard to prep and capture the moments. She had our wedding party running gleefully through knee-high grass, She raced us down the road to find the setting sun for some intimate sunset shots, and led us into the forest for our first-look moments. She captured the emotion in our faces and bodies, and documented some of the most beautiful and emotionally rich details of our wedding. The pictures we received from her bring us back to the high of the weekend and the albums are stunning.

We can’t thank you enough, Maddie!




Lake Mulwala, Victoria

Putting into words how much we love Madeline is almost harder than writing our vows (which she captured perfectly by the way). We knew after we first contacted Maddie that our photos were in safe hands. We didn’t get a chance to meet in person until the day before the wedding, but when we did finally meet it was like greeting an old friend. And the rest just flowed from there. Maddie spent the day before the wedding scouting out the best light and locations so on the wedding day it would be perfect. And. It. Was. Perfect. We can’t thank you enough Maddie for the unbelievable awesome photos you’ve produced for us. All of our family and friends are praising your work too. Thanks again!




Ambillou, France

When we began organising the wedding, there were only two things that we were sure about. The first was that it would be in France and the second was that we wanted Maddie to be our photographer. As we are also photographers, we knew our wedding photos would be one of the most important parts for us. We were beyond delighted when Maddie agreed and we were excited to see what amazing photographs she would take. On the day of the wedding, she was up at the crack of dawn (long before we were) already capturing so many things that we would have forgotten.She was an absolute gem the whole day and evening, she was part of the wedding and we honestly forgot there was a photographer there. We couldn’t wait to see the finished resultsand we were blown away once we did. Maddie managed to capture everything else that we missed the first time. Thank you so much for the beautiful, amazing, magical and hilarious photos of our day. They will be treasured forever.
Bisous! xxxxx




Sunshine Coast, Australia

Maddie, wow! We cannot thank you enough for the amazing job you did of capturing our wedding day! We are absolutely in love with the photos and the story you have created. They brought back plenty of goosebumps, tears and fluttery hearts! For us, our day was perfect. But now to look at what you captured that we didn’t even get to see during the day is truly incredible! You didn’t miss a thing!!

You are an amazing photographer and such a hard worker. We thank you for the many hours that you spent with us and the tiny details you didn’t let go unnoticed. We absolutely loved working with you. We always felt very comfortable and familiar with you. We had so much fun shooting the group photos with you; everyone was very much themselves! Many of our wedding guests commented on your natural ease with people and your incredible stamina.

We hope you enjoyed being part of our wedding day as much as we enjoyed having you there! Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts.




New Plymouth, New Zealand

It should have been easy to write a thank you note to you Madeline, but alas, it hasn’t been. Every time I sit down to write something and reflect upon the day we had and how you contributed and left such a significant mark on our wedding, well, it appears almost an insurmountable task.. or one that requires a good few hours of writing and editing at the bare minimum! So I’m just going to ramble and see what happens, because something needs to be publicly stated about how wonderful you are!

Having a close network of photographers made me a pretty fussy customer, but you produced a documentary that has perfectly encapsulated both Emily and myself and the energy that exists between us. The handmade, the fun, the love, the culture, the family, the friends, the style, the informality, our adaptability and even our sometimes disorganised ways.

Em and I are so stoked; you got me making the rings, the fish n chips with the families on Backbeach the day before, the way in which you rose to the challenge and utilised the rain that came down moments before the ceremony. How you adapted your plans was remarkable because some of these shots are amongst our favourite! The art you created for us will make such a difference to the way we will look back at the day in the years to come Madeline. We feel so fortunate to have met you, and from the bottom of our hearts, tena rawa atu koe – thank you so very much!




South Lake Tahoe, California

Madeline is a brilliant photographer. I love her documentary style. She really captured the Sierra light that is characteristic of Lake Tahoe and the mountains we love so much. She was able to catch on film the little details that contributed to the feeling of the day, such as my mothers hands cutting strawberries and my sister’s transformation from frazzled before to ecstatic after the ceremony. One of my favorite images is of my parents dancing on the lawn in the moonlight. I didn’t get to see it in person but Maddie got to share it with me.

My family, as well as I, found Maddie to be respectful, kind, upbeat and unobtrusive to the flow of the day. I love the photos from the ceremony and the family portraits we took right after. She also picked a few beautiful spots for portraits and was able to get us back to the party quickly after the portrait session.

She edited and sent the finished package to us quickly. The print house she uses makes a great product! I love the photos I ordered, and I recommend getting some pictures printed, so that you don’t just have digital copies. It’s so nice to have tangible proof of your day.




Long Island, New York

We first met Maddie at a café in Melbourne after hearing all these wonderful things about her from a mutual friend. After our first meeting, I was completely confident in our decision to have her take our photographs for our wedding in New York this past July. Maddie has this incredible way of putting you at ease yet at the same time being 100% professional in her approach to your wedding day. She was extremely organised from the minute we decided to hire her and she offered us valuable advice when it came to how we wanted our photos and portraits to come out. We felt so comfortable sharing our personal story with her and I could not give a more positive review about a person and their business.

On the weekend of our wedding, Maddie came down and spent time with our family and got to know the area where we had our wedding. I took her around the town I grew up in and showed her all of the spots that were meaningful to me. On the day of the wedding, Maddie not only did an incredible job of being our photographer but she also didn’t hesitate to help us and our family with other aspects of organising and setting up our wedding ceremony and reception. She drove my husband and I to our hotel room after the ceremony, helped me get changed into my reception dress and answered a drunken 1am post-wedding phone call from me when I couldn’t find my wallet.

She has an intimate approach to photographs which is extremely apparent in the end results. I could not have been more happy with the image gallery she provided us with- it was an amazing experience to relive the day through her beautiful work. Our friends and family all commented that the photographs made them feel as if they were there again and that Maddie managed to capture not just an image, but all of the small and intense emotions that ran through us on that day.
Maddie, in short, you were an absolute goddess.




San Francisco, California

Thanks so much for the amazing photographs Madeline! You two were excellent from start to finish. I chose you because I loved all of your previous work that I’d seen, and I was just thrilled with the results from our wedding. Your eye for a good shot is impeccable, and you captured so many special moments. You were also patient, professional, and a calming presence in the midst of a whirlwind day. Future brides and grooms, Maddie is truly excellent! Highly recommended!!




Brisbane, Australia

Maddie, James and I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful work you did with our wedding photography. Not only did you capture all of the ‘big’ moments of the wedding, you captured all of the little moments as well. This means that when we look back at the photos we can really feel a sense of the day that passed. We have gotten so many comments from guests and also people who didn’t even attend the wedding as to how beautiful and different the photos are. In fact, more comments on the quality of the photos than anything else! Haha. Every time I show someone lots of oohs and ahhs ensue and we’ve all looked at them hundreds of times because every time there seems to be something new to appreciate.

We were so happy that you weren’t just an ‘on the day’ type of photographer but that you took the time to get to know what we wanted beforehand. The questionnaire you used was really helpful. You also scouted out places to take photos beforehand so that you knew how the light would be on the day. Even though it rained on the day and we had to take photos fast, you managed to capture gorgeous photos of us and the bridal party in a very short space of time. Throughout the day you were everywhere but never in an intrusive way. I never felt self conscious about being photographed and I can see that no-one else did either because everyone looks so relaxed. I also love that we have so many photos of people dancing on the night, as well as the speeches and peoples reactions to them. You don’t often see the party in wedding photography, usually it’s just the ceremony and posed bridal party shots.

Thank you for being so prompt with editing the photos and delivering the USB to us in a gorgeous wooden box. The different options for viewing the photos have also been really helpful as people can view the short slideshow, all of the photos online, or the album. It means we can easily show the tech savvy guests as well as the oldies. Thank you again for everything you put in to capturing our day. I’ve already recommended you to anyone I know who’s getting married in the near future but hopefully this post will reach more people again because you’re worth every cent and more.