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        Wanaka wedding photographer

        I’ve felt a need to adventure and explore from as early as I can remember. I’m a Kiwi girl after all. Brought up on a farm, riding motorbikes and horses, building forts in the trees, following dad on his daily rounds. My creative side has allowed me to explore many paths, often completely opposite to each other. I’ve worked hard to get where I am, but it hasn’t always been photography focused. After studying film photography in high school and university, I became a competitive snowboarder, living another dream of the endless winter and surrounding myself by mountains and snow. During this time I painted (the oil on canvas kind) and each time I sold a piece I could afford a plane ticket to the next destination. Eventually I found myself ready for this chapter, and I started my business in Australia after coming home from a year abroad, studying both commercial photography and photojournalism in Paris. 

        Wedding photography has surprised me again and again. I am amazed at the calibre of people I get to meet and work with. I am asked to travel to incredible locations and watch two people commit themselves to each other. I hear words of the purest form, written from the heart spoken to one another. I see love in all it’s glory, sparkling on everyone’s shoulders as they embrace in a hug. I watch as families are reunited after years apart, and others who are meeting for the first time. It is magical. You can’t call it anything less. 

        It’s no small deal to be asked to photograph your day and I aim to provide a fun and enjoyable experience from the first time we meet, right through to when I deliver your final collection of images. Although I’m constantly focused on all the moments of your wedding, big and small, I’ll also be smiling and enjoying myself right alongside you. If you’re comfortable around me with this camera in your face, your photos will reflect that. 

        I can’t wait. Let’s make the wedding photos of your dreams.