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          Waiheke, New Zealand

          Gemma and Brett

          Waiheke Island, New Zealand

          India + Cam

          Auckland, New Zealand

          Tracey and Jake

          Marlborough, New Zealand

          Anna + Jon

          Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

          Samantha and Ainsley

          Camp Wandawega, USA

          Jen and Will

          Blenheim, New Zealand

          Holly and Jared

          Kia Ora. Welcome.

          In 2012, after 15 years of shooting photos of all styles, wondering where I wanted to plant my feet in the photography world, I 'stumbled' upon wedding photography.. but not the wedding photography that was prevalent at that time.

          With the likes of Jonas Peterson and Nordica Photography forging the way, I discovered this perfect blend of all I loved about shooting photos -- capturing a story, or, photojournalism -- but for weddings! Huzzah!

          In 2019, after nearly 9 years of travelling the world and working with talented, inspirational clients, I made the choice to close my business on a high note and move into a new career in human centred design. And it's been fantastic.

          This website is a time capsule of all the glory that was.

          Thanks for reading.